Bacchation is about magic.  Bacchus, Roman god of alcohol and merriment is alive today in society, and we are here to celebrate him.

The mystery of yeast and sugar and water, and what we as humans have done to coax out of them over the millenia is in our opinion, a miracle. Living in a vibrant city, full of youth and creativity and (sometimes dark) energy thrusts us into a lifestyle where exploration of what life holds for us to is an absolute imperative.  We can not turn our backs on the special thing that is happening here around us, we would cheat ourselves, and you, our readers.

While we do not condone abuse, binging, or drinking to the point of self destruction, there is little doubt that there is magic in those bottles, waiting for the inquisitive to pour a dram and seek what our fellow man has crafted for us.  A little bit of luck, the delusions of the mad, exacting science, and unwavering tradition has given us a world of libation to explore, and we would be remiss to ignore it.

So join us on our journey as we travel around the world and our own back yard searching for and learning from the rich history that is our development of fire water.  Along the way you will learn something of history, culture, and hopefully a little about yourself.

Sometimes it is fun to be a little bad, let us free the genie from the bottle together.

Thanks for visiting us friends.