Mount Hood Brewing Company and Ice Axe Grill

Posted: June 10, 2012 by bacchation in Beer, Brewpub
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We stopped off at at Mt. Hood brewing after doing a little hiking along the PCT.  The beer was cold, and the soup was hot, but I couldn’t stop looking out the window at the HUNDREDS of kids walking around with skateboards.  For those of you who have never been to Government Camp, and likely don’t even know where it is, due to some sort of skate tournament, the number of minors in the area leaning on cars, hiding in bushes, and generally doing what I now recognize as what grandparents called “mischief” was greater than the entire town’s population.  What are her parents thinking letting her dress like… nevermind, back to the beer.

I am on a kick now for cask beers and real ales (more about that later) so the immediate choice was their ESB.  While this doesn’t always get the highest reviews, this particular batch was pretty well balanced.  The warmer temperature (cask beer isn’t served as cold for those who have never had it) had a little less of the bite that I would expect from an ESB, but the additional aging and low carbonation level gave it a nice creamy quality that I appreciated.  I likely would have preferred to have their porter which was above average just out of the tap from a cask, but I do like that people are starting to cask things that most folks don’t already assume are flat beers.  I would rate this one at a squeak into the 3 star category.

Multor Porter, I didn’t take notes, and at this point I was dead tired and just wanted to go back and get in a sleeping bag, but I wrote down 4, which means that I need to make an effort to drink it again at the very least, it might have been quite good.  Sorry, terrible review, but hey, it gets a 4, so that’s a bonus, and what other brewery crafts their beers with altitude?

Mt. Hood Brewing Pint Glass

Lynn had the Cloudcap Amber, it really didn’t do much for her, and when I tasted it I thought it wasn’t as good as I remembered it being… if you are looking for a beer that you can slam down, and that will be gone (you know, like your standard American style lager) or for someone who doesn’t drink a lot of beer and always just asks for the lightest thing on the menu this is your best bet, it is there, gives you a little pop of flavor, and then drops off.  Sorry Mt. Hood guys, but this only gets a 2 rating (you are still better than Budweiser!).

Pub experience is nice, on the small side, and the food menu is short, but since this place normally hosts piles of snowboarders and skiers who are not too picky, I can get over the lack of a nice veggie option today, most people just want big, hot, and high alcohol after a day on the slopes.  On a total side note, I was pleased to see that their mug club has taken over a huge portion of the ceiling, great work cultivating those return customers!

Ice Axe Mug Club

TL;DR version

Cask ESB – 3

Cloudcap Amber – 2

Kristall Weissbier – 3

Multor Porter – 4

Food – 2+/3-
Change your altitude!

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