Attack of the Clones: PUB Style

Posted: June 8, 2012 by bacchation in Beer, Brewpub, Festival
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Thanks to Aaron from Portland U Brew for sending me a last minute text on this event that we would have otherwise missed in the hysteria that is Portland Beer Week. The folks over at PUB started off the week’s events with a flight of clone beers that they brewed, and these are not your every day clone beers (SNPA, Widmer Hef, etc.), we were in fact treated to both the originals as well of their versions of Puwel Kwak, Tilburg’s Dutch, and Sunner Kolsch. These are some of the world’s best style beers.

Some might balk at the 20 concept of a 20 dollar tasting tray, but when you quickly calculate the cost of these beers that they were pouring from the bottle alongside their own versions, coupled with the quality of the clones themselves, it ended up being a steal.

Lynn, Kris, and I pulled up and split 2 tasters between the three of us.  My favorite was the Kwak clone, which in my opinion surpassed the parent version in smoothness, and the mouth feel and color was a dead match.  Kris preferred the Dutch, and Lynn’s favorite was the Kolsch (owing to her predisposition to mellower beers).  I love it when 3 people walk into a bar (this isn’t the beginning of a joke here, I promise) and taste 3 different beers and all come away with a different favorite, yay taste buds!

At any rate, this was a great event (we also all went to their single hop event, which was a blast, wish I had pictures of that) and I HIGHLY encourage folks to head over and give the fine folks at PUB a visit, they are brewing up some very cool beers… and no longer relegated to the bowels of Brooklyn/Sellwood, you can find their beers at such places as Green Dragon (they were there for the firkin fest) at the Portland Fruit Beer Festival, and Aaron’s awesome Bacon Beer was on tap for a while over at Beermongers.  Keep up the great work!

Visit Portland U-Brew!

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