Stumptown Tart 2012

Posted: May 25, 2012 by bacchation in Beer, Brewpub
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Going beer shopping with Ethan D. is something that I never knew I was missing.  One sunny day when we had found Pliny on tap at Belmont Station, Ethan realized that he never bought us a housewarming present, and we wandered out of the pub half, and in to the bottle shop.  Amongst the 1300+ beers that are available, he pointed out one that he knew that both Lynn and I would enjoy (but mostly Lynn he thought) in the 2012 Bridgeport Brewing Stumptown Tart.

This year’s incarnation is oozing with red berry flavors, think strawberry and raspberry, and is nicely balanced with a good dose of hops.  Usually the only fruit beers that I gravitate towards are the sours, because I find that some excited brewers seem to just throw in as many berries as they can get their hands on into the tank, with little concern for balance.  An example of this overfruity quality is Lindemans Framboise, a beer most of you have had.  This is an example of a bad fruit beer to anyone but an under aged female trying to decide between Boone’s Farm Fuzzy Navel and something in the beer section… this is not the case with Tart.

It smells like something you wouldn’t like when you smell it, so much fruit, almost like jello, but the surprise is in the taste (ignore the pink color).  Balance in the form of a nice crisp shock of hops, a smooth mouth feel that is unfortunately lacking in a lot of the sours, and a solid finish with grapefruit to cut through the sugars makes this a very good example of what a thoughtful brewer can offer.

Available all over town for who knows how long and in the standard 22 in most bottle shops, this is a beer that you can share with people who don’t normally like heavier, hoppier, hotter beers, but who might enjoy something refreshing and fruity.  Stumptown Tart gets a solid 4 bottle rating from both Lynn and I.


Visit Bridgeport!


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