Twist Wine Company or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Coast

Posted: August 11, 2011 by bacchation in Beer, Wine
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Twist Wine Company is significant for a couple of reasons.  First, the people behind it run an awesomely micro winmaking business, and after tasting their whole collection of available bottles (and buying 5 of them in the process) I was invigorated by the idea that folks could make such special wines without owning any of their own grapes.  Second on the list of reasons to stop by, they are located right in the middle of downtown Pacific City.  If you are already in the area and have sat on the porch of Pelican Brewing for breakfast and a beer while watching the dory boats come in, or if you have been riding around the ORV area, or if you have been at the beach all day with kids/pets/kites/sand buckets and need a way to relax, then Twist is the place to unwind.  Finally, one of the owners happens to be named Chenin Cilurzo.

For those of you who know my beer preferences, of those who also refer to their favorite brewers by first name, you might put together that Cilurzo happens to be Vinnie’s last name.  Vinnie.  Russian River Vinnie.  Yes, Chenin is the sister of the man who is in my opinion the greatest modern brewer, and with that familial tie comes one very nice perk… but we will get back to that.

So, reason one to stop, the wine: you can not find any of Twist’s wine in any of the local wine shops here in Portland.  If you are a PSU farmers market goer they are usually set up at the end of the market, and you can get the wine there, other than that… you drive to Pacific City.  Next time you are there, you need to look for their basket case label cab sauv, their chenin blanc, and their late harvest white (we drank it too fast, guessing it was a pinot?) all of which we LOVED and purchased and immediately consumed upon returning home.

Reason two: location location, location.  Twist is in the world’s smallest strip mall (it has 2 doors) just a couple of blocks off of the beach, and is super funky inside, great for everyone to unwind (maybe not toddlers, but most people don’t take them to wine tasting rooms).  They have ultra comfy couches/loveseats to relax on while enjoying a glass, they play music from actual vinyl records, they have some classic arcade games, basically everything about the place says come in, relax, and enjoy our wine.

I promised you a Vinnie related perk to this place… from what I can tell, there is ALWAYS a keg of Pliny on tap courtesy of the family connection… talk about top ten best siblings of all time!  You can find me gushing about Pliny all over the place, but to summarize, it is imho the best beer anywhere, of any time, and should be driven to, consumed until you are out of money, and then thought of fondly for the next couple of months until you find it again.  If you drink Pliny, and are within an hour of Pacific City while cruising around the Oregon coast, you utterly fail if you do not stop by and get LOTS.  Oh, I think it was like 4 bucks a pint to boot. They don’t have a smiley icon dramatic enough to convey how happy this makes me.

Twist, all their wines were at least 4 bottles on the scale, the cab sauv and the dessert were easy 5’s, and oh, Pliny, the 5 bottle all others are compared to… how can you go wrong?
Twist: second best place EVER
basketcase: same people, different label

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