Birthday Benefits

Posted: May 17, 2011 by bacchation in Bar, Beer, Festival
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It is the time of year where you search out the few benefits of getting older. Some will go to denny’s for their free breakfast, if you are a Burgerville Card holder you can go and spend your $5 of free burgercash on some milkshakes, maybe the half off sushi at Todai is more your speed? For me it means a trip to the closest Rogue outpost to take advantage of my RogueNation free beer and t-shirt! One giant tankard of orange-wheat and we were on to the next stop…

After hitting Deschutes, Cascade Barrel House, Green Dragon, and Beer Mongers, we stepped across the way to Apex to enjoy a glass or two of Pliny (Elder) and some Duchesse, I was starting to feel pretty good.

The night ended with a couple of rounds of Ace of Spades at HUB.  This is a beer that you really shouldn’t end the night with.  At 9.5% and crossing the 100 IBU barrier, this IIPA is NOT an appropriate nightcap.  I think Scott and I drank 2 or 3 of these, at this point the night was pretty close to being over.  Ace of Spades gets a 4 bottle rating, they really seemed to have crammed in as much alcohol and as many IBU’s as possible, which might be the dream beer for some, but it was not the absolute pinnacle of Imperial India Pale Ales.

Thanks gain to Lynn for being the driver, and for the city of Portland for having such a great array of brewpubs… this made for an epic pub crawl!


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