Spring Beer and Wine Festival 2011

Posted: April 22, 2011 by bacchation in Beer, Festival, Liquor/Liqueur, Wine
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Lots of beers to taste, mostly skipped past the wines and foods.  This being our first year at the Fest, we tried to hit up things that we recognized as it was a bit chaotic, and we didn’t come in knowing what to expect. Highlights of the night for Lynn were the Crater Lake booth (gotta love that local(ish) vodka, the Dryfly booth for me, and the HUB booth for both of us.

I was really excited to see El Dorado Brewing Company, a little place from back near my parents’ house. Those people don’t always tend to “get off the Divide” as much as those of us who have escaped would hope. Their Gold Rush Lager got a 4 bottle rating from me.

I recommend to anyone who comes to this event in the future that you arrive with a lot of money (beer, wine, cheese, snacks, mead, hard liquor… something for everyone, and everything for some) and arrive early enough that you can SPREAD OUT the tastings, we sort of zipped through this because it was towards the end of the evening, and it was getting pretty crowded.

El Dorado Brewing deserves your attention
Home of the Spring Beer and Wine Festival


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