Crossing the Line, Part 1

Posted: March 10, 2011 by bacchation in Beer
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Intriguing name? I win! Really, This is simply part one of my review of a pair of Lost Abbey beers which for some reason are not available in Oregon, which prompted us to load up the car for a road trip to the far off land of Vancouver Washington.

A stop in at By the Bottle yielded a nice selection of beers, a few of which I hadn’t seen around Portland, but the reason for our trip, their selection of The Lost Abbey beers was sitting happily in the bottom of one of their coolers. We picked up 2 Abbeys, a couple of Boulevard Brewing Smokestack series beers, and an Abita Raspberry Wheat. Mason was delighted as our final stop was a trip to a new dog park… everyone wins on beer run day.

Famous for their Belgian style beers, Lost Abbey from San Marcos is elusive to us up here in Portland, I really wish these guys would get to work with our area distributors and get their beers in to our bottle shops, as there are another 10 or so of their beers that I really want to try. Today we will be focusing on their Red Barn Ale, my first venture into their line.

The Lost Abbey
Red Barn Ale
6.7% ABV

This is a farmhouse style Saison, which has a distinctive base flavor profile that comes through from the yeast, frequently giving off some clovy-spicy type flavors. It has some fruity flavors as well, combinations of apples, pears, and some citrus. Nice and crisp but with enough of the wild flavor of farmhouse beer to make it stand out of the usual fruit infused ales. It is as clean as any beer I have had, seemingly filtered, it was so clear I was able to easily read through it… again different from many of the farmhouse and saisons I am used to… maybe Lost Abbey is just really good at making very presentable beers.

I personally would have appreciated this beer a bit more if it had been either a little hotter, maybe in the 7.5 to 8 range, or if it had been soured. It was just a little on the sweet side for me to make it a perfect 5, but it is indeed a very strong 4. I knew going in that this is not one of their top rated beers, but it didn’t disappoint, and in fact made me even more excited to get around to part 2 of my Lost Abbey reviews. Final Verdict? 4/5

Visit Lost Abbey!
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