Valentines Day Present Pt. 2

Posted: February 17, 2011 by bacchation in Beer
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So, we have arrived at Thursday, and now that the dinner is done and the emails have been answered, it is time for us to venture to the bottom of a bottle, and not just any bottle, but the second half of Eau de Love, that is, the second half of my Valentines Day present.

I mainly like two types of beer right now, sour beers, and dark beers, and we already covered sour beer the other day with Russian River’s Temptation. Today I satisfy the other end of my taste spectrum with Full Sail’s limited release Black Gold.

Full Sail Brewing
Black Gold
10.5% ABV

We were able to make it down to the tap room close enough to the release that they were still pouring the tasting flight of their unblended Black Gold batches. Two ages of bourbon barrels were used (an 18 year and a 20 year) and the beer was aged for a year in the two, with the resulting two being blended back together for final production. Lynn and I very much preferred the 20 year batch, it had a lot more chocolate flavor, and the bourbon flavor was pronounced, but more subdued. With nothing to compare it to, the 18 year straight would have been awesome, but flanked by the blend and the 20 year, it paled in comparison (if a black as night beer can pale).

On to the bottle! Can you imagine a vanilla milkshake, mixed with a chocolate milkshake, with a shot of bourbon, and then float the whole thing on a delicious imperial stout? No? Too many ingredients? Too bad, because that is really the only way that I can describe this. I think some people taste a little bit of dark fruit or stone fruit in it, maybe a little fig for me? Not too hoppy for the style, not hot from the higher alcohol, it is exceptionally balanced. People who don’t like dark beer (like my wife) should really give this a try, it will give you a whole new outlook on this whole side of the beer family tree.

I hope I am not under stating this: this is the best dark beer I have had in a very long time.

If only this came in a keg…. yum.

Not going to beat around the bush any more, this is also a 5+ and will sit in the pantheon of best beers of the year for a while I am guessing.

Visit Full Sail!

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