Valentine’s Day Present Pt. One

Posted: February 15, 2011 by bacchation in Beer
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My gift this year was a couple of bottles of my favorite beer from the last 12 months, luckiest guy ever, I know.  In memory of our epic road trip down to Russian River around the holiday season, Lynn bought us a bottle of Temptation to enjoy.

Russian River Brewing

I should point out at the start that I am STRONGLY biased towards sour beers, I am not a huge fan of over hopped bitter beers, but I do like to have something balance the sweetness of the usually too-alcoholic-beer that I enjoy most often, and most days that is the sour of a nice Lacto or Brett beer.  Russian River is the premier sour beer maker on the west coast, if not the country (sorry Cascade Barrel House, I still love you) so any chance to get a bottle down into my gullet is a chance I will jump at.

The very best beer on our holiday tour de brew was Compunction, a soured blonde ale that was flavored with pluots, but alas, it is not bottled, so I will have to live with only the memory of that glass we shared… but Temptation is available to all, so onward we go!

Aged in French Oak wine barrels, Temptation has some really nice fruit flavors, even though it isn’t one of their infused brews.  Lychee, pear, and muscat grape are awesomely balanced with the sour that only a nice Brett beer can bring you.  I will spare you the details on how it looks and the color and the clarity because honestly, it wasn’t in my glass long enough to study.

This gets a 5+ out of 5, beer really can’t get any better than this, it can only taste just as good but have a different flavor.  I will sell/trade a kidney for the proper amount of this beer (but not my liver, that I still need).

Visit Russian River!

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