Step One: Organize

Posted: February 14, 2011 by bacchation in Beer
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So, someone else took my million dollar idea, or rather, perfected it and marketed it first completely independently (every time I have a great idea, it seems someone else has already done it) and I am stealing back one piece of it and re purposing it here.

When you are done reading here, visit Pintley and check out their excellent algorithm that will suggest beers for you based on your ratings of other beers that you have tried. In short, it has 6 levels, ranging from a thumbs down (I never want to drink this again) and then 1 through 5 with 5 being something that you loved.

While I am not smart enough to write software and develop algorithms (I need spell check just to properly spell it) I do have a fair palate, have sampled more than my fair share of adult beverages, and am going to introduce this same rating system in to my reviews henceforth. This will serve a number of functions, including allowing me to more easily understand my own ratings system after I have been “sampling” for a few hours, allowing others to more easily give me a rating of their own via the comments section, and it will streamline things so you all can more easily understand my preferences and recommendations.

Many sites will break down ratings into categories like aroma, color, mouth feel… but really all that is important is how good was it over all, and would I choose to pay for and drink it again.

Off the top of my head, ratings will probably shake out like this

0 – I will not drink this again
1 – I did not really enjoy this, and would not pay to drink it in the future
2 – Not the best beer, but I would order it at a bar over something like Miller if it wasn’t too much more
3 – A solid beer, this is what I would recommend someone else try, and I would happily buy it at happy hour
4 – A GOOD beer, Happy to pay full pint or bottle price, and I would share this with someone I like
5 – As good as it gets, worth driving for and paying a premium price at a bar or bottle shop, you are missing out

All of this leads us eventually to the tinker toy project, but as I said earlier, organizing is step one!

Lets us try on a beer that I happen to be drinking right now:

Dogfish Head
Festina Peche 2010
4.5% ABV

Notes: Cloudy and unfiltered, this beer is technically designed to be consumed in the Summer, it is fruity, a tad sour, and refreshing on a hot day. Right now it is a cold day, but it is tasty even though I am not parched. This is above average for fruit beers in my opinion, not as sweet as some of the beers you may have stumbled upon, but with a strong peach flavor. The sour reminds me of the skins of a peach, if that makes sense.

At only 4.5% this would be a session beer for me, if only I could afford to drink it, they run around 10 bucks for a four pack here in Portland.

This passed the wife test, she enjoyed it enough to buy me another bottle.

(right about now I wish I was going to use partial numbers in my ratings)

Forced in to a 0 to 5 scale, I give this a 4 bottle rating (it would have gotten a 4.5, but it definitely isn’t a 5, so 4 it is).

Visit Dogfish!

See now that wasn’t too hard now, was it?

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  1. M. Palmer says:

    Where did you find Festina Peche? I was just in Belmont Station and didn’t see it in the coolers.

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