I’m Dreaming of a Sour Christmas

Posted: December 11, 2010 by bacchation in Bar, Beer
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First taste of dissident…

I was not around when my wife was celebrating her 5th Christmas, that would be pretty creepy, but I can imagine that this was the look on her face when she unwrapped her first bicycle.

We are huge fans of sours, most of our friends think we are nuts, politely nodding as we devour bottle after bottle of Russian River beer, or as we traipse weekly over to Cascade Barrel House to try their cask fresh sours of the week. I am lucky indeed to have found someone who has as funky a sense of taste as me, the only real drawback being that no beer I buy is safe in the fridge for more than a couple of days, that and the best sours tend to be a bit on the rare side, and consequently on the expensive side.

But back to The Dissident.

This is a Flanders Oud Bruin style for those who study styles, for the rest of you it is a sour beer infused with cherries. Unfamiliar with a sour? Many have tried Lindeman’s Framboise in the past, if so you are on the right track (though I find that a horrid example of the style) for the rest of you think of face puckering citrus meets cherries plus some wine flavors and a definite alcohol burn. Hmm, looking at that it isn’t a great sell, but honestly, more for me.

Deschutes Brewing Company
The Dissident

Why did we end up in Bend in the middle of winter, knowing we had a 3 hour drive back home ahead of us? Simply put, this beer is hard to find, and from what we heard, the drive was worth it. We piled into the car, double checked for chains, and headed to the high desert for a local winter warmer.

Was it worth it? Look at the picture above, note the look of “Christmas came early” and guess for your self. This one gets a definitive 5 bottles. Not all of you know me, but trust me when I say that this one gives Russian River a run for their money, this is the single best beer that came out of Oregon last year. Watch out Vinnie, Deschutes is taking some of your market share with this one.

Visit Deschutes!

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