10 Cane Rum

Posted: May 28, 2010 by bacchation in Liquor/Liqueur
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Admittedly, I should wait a few hours to write this review, and I will absolutely come back later and add more to this.  Why is this a bad time to write a review you may ask?  We at the test lounge have discovered the magic of caipirnha, the national beverage of Brazil!  We wanted a nice easy cocktail to try light rums in, beyond the ever present daiquiri, and 10 cane technically being a cachaca (fermented sugar cane juice as opposed to molasses)  seemed to fit nicely.

Our first recipe was a very tart ratio, drinkable, but quite like limeade made without any sweetener.  Further research found a much more pleasant drink, which I will share with you further down in the review.

10 Cane, hailing from Trinidad is described as “the WORLD’S BEST RUM” by the distiller, and with a sales pitch like that you almost have to try, just to see if you can go around calling them liars.  The world is full of bests, things like the world’s best hamburger, world’s best pencil sharpener, and world’s best television show… eventually if you try enough things, you actually may find the world’s best something, so here goes our attempt to truly find the best rum in the world.

The nose is of cotton candy and burnt sugar (the creme brulee type, not the carbonized bitter type) and the color is of pale straw which is a bit odd for a white rum, but some times this is how things end up.  The first flavor is almost exactly what you would expect a spoonful of molasses stirred into a cup of milk to taste like, strange as this rum claims to have no molasses in it.  It has a strong alcohol burn, even for an unaged white rum, but that quickly goes away, along with any layering or aftertaste that might have been present.

This rum has merits though in the mixing department… the sweetness and real sugar flavor sticks around when other ingredients are added, unlike a standard Bacardi or other entry level rum where once fruit is added, all you taste is the tropics.  Assuming the flavor of molasses is something you enjoy, you would be hard pressed to find a sipping rum where this is more prevalent… and as such, this may be the perfect rum for you to try (maybe even the world’s best?) on a warm afternoon.  A cube of ice mellowed the flavor a bit, but obviously did not help with the lack of layering.

So what is a caipirnha?  I am so glad you asked!  This is a drink with only 3 ingredients (4 if you count frozen water) which balance quite nicely, and don’t take anything away from the others.  Crisp, tart, slightly sweet, you are now obligated to give it a try.

Caipirnha Recipe

Half of one lime cut into wedges

2 oz. of 10 Cane Rum (any cacahaca, or light rum in a pinch)

2 tsp. of super fine sugar.

Muddle sugar and limes in the bottom of a glass.

Top off cup with ice.

Add 10 Cane and stir.

Easier than making a mojito and if you can learn to pronounce it, you will impress your friends.  It should be noted that bottom shelf or mixer rums may not be the best option for this recipe, as there isn’t much to mask the flavor but for middle of the road varieties, it is a great choice! Keep in mind though this is $30.00 a bottle for something that is best suited for mixing. If you are a fan of rum drinks, but not specifically rum its self, you can find cheaper options elsewhere.


Two tasters were present for this review, the composite score will reflect both opinions.

10 Cane – Trinidad – $30.00

Sippability – 7/6 = 6.5

Mixability – 8.5/8 = 8.25

Cost to Value Ratio – 7.5/7 = 7.25

Worth Buying Again – 7.5/7.5 = 7.5

Composite – 7.38 Good
Visit 10 Cane!

  1. Lynn says:

    Wow, you food writer.

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